Exactly what I wanted to see

First thing Thursday morning, and this is exactly what I wanted to see. The courtyard of the Continental Saigon, sunshine, and coffee. I was awake way too early. When breakfast finally opened at six thirty I’d already been up for two hours. It was quiet and a wonderful start to jet lag recovery. I walked around Saigon until it was time to leave for my flight to Con Dao. The motor-scooter taxi drivers were overwhelmingly agressive, and now I know a new phrase in Vietnamese: chú đi! Which means “scram.” Works pretty well.

I discovered new flavours of Marou chocolate at the airport, what a treat. They made an excellent addition to my breakfast today. I landed on Con Dao yesterday afternoon. The weather was beautiful, but it was raining in Saigon and we bucked through 40 minutes of thunderclouds to get here. Today the rains arrived from the mainland, though I slept through most of the day. After breakfast and coffee I went back to my room to lay down for a minute and woke up at 3pm.

The post office, right next door to the hotel, rings the Westminster Chimes on the hour. It’s nine p.m. and time to have another walk around town, the rain has stopped for a little while anyway.


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